Jeff Tabaka has been a successful bar and restaurant manager for over 8 years. Although having a passion for the challenges and comradery that comes with the industry, he needed more. Always feeling the need to create, learn and grow sent him on a journey that would bring him to the world of development.

Growing up in a family that moves every couple of years can have different effects on different people. In Jeff’s case, he was able to grow into an outgoing adult with the ability to adapt to any situation.

Beginning his career in sales he was able to not only hone his interpersonal skills but was also able to find a passion for the importance of working together in teams. His training and sales development skills began here. After launching T-Mobile in the United States, and two years raising venture capital, he branched out into hospitality.

Quickly moving through the ranks in the industry he was able to further develop his management skills, master the complexities teamwork and leadership, and open new and exciting concepts.

After deciding to return to school, Jeff looked at other industries that could fulfil what he was looking for in a new career. After some development in C+, the passion as well as the knowledge grew. Delving deeper into Java, Jeff realized that he not only had the knowledge to succeed, but also found a passion for what he was doing. When technical knowledge, and interpersonal aptitude, success and passion are important, Jeff Tabaka will undoubtedly excel.

For Jeff Tabaka, the journey has only begun.